You have undergone an incredible journey. You have chosen a tattoo design, searched for the best tattoo artist you can possibly find, experienced the pain, and walked out of the tattoo studio with so much pride and joy. Now that you have a wonderful masterpiece inked on your skin, what’s next? You should be keen on tattoo aftercare!
Although tattoo numbing products are commonly used, the entire experience of tattooing isn’t going to be absolutely pain-free. Your tattoo artist may have told you during the consultation period that the products will be utilized all throughout the session.
Tattoo pain is going to be present even after skin numbing cream will be applied. But your job does not end there. In fact, it has just started!
I bet you would like to keep your tattoos vibrant and colorful for many years to come, right? To keep it that way, an effective tattoo aftercare routine or regimen must be implemented. Here are some tips to keep you going.

Do not remove your bandage in less than 3 hours.
The artist has placed it for many reasons; it keeps dust, dirt, or bacteria away from your skin, it soaks blood, ink, excess skin numbing anesthetic, and it keeps the colors from soiling your clothes. Consider your tattoo a fresh wound that needs protection.

Keep your tattoo clean by washing it with soap.
Don’t just wash it with any kind of soap. Make sure the soap that you’re going to use can sanitize, disinfect, hasten the healing process, and is non-scented. It’ll wash away all the goo and topical anesthetic gel that was not absorbed by the bandage or tattoo cover.

As much as possible, keep your tattoo away from contact.
If it’s possible, wear clothes that will not rub against it. Do not sleep on it too. This will help in the healing process. Although numbing spray for tattoo may have been applied during the session, it wouldn’t keep you from feeling the pain afterwards, especially if friction or pressure is present.

Protect it from heat and wetness.
Quick showers are fine as long as the water is not too hot. Too much heat might burn your skin so it would be advisable not to expose yourself too much under the sun. Try to avoid pools, beaches, tubs, or activities that would lead to excessive sweating during the first 2 to 3 weeks of the fresh tattoo.

Mind your fingers!
Once the effect of the tattoo anesthetic will be off, it might be very tempting to pick scabbing layers or scratch your skin but please don’t. You might damage your tattoo and that’s something we don’t want to happen, don’t we?

Keep your skin protected.
As we’ve mentioned earlier, sun exposure might damage your tattoo so it is advisable to use a sunblock or sunscreen when it has fully healed already.

Keep your skin hydrated
If your skin is dry, chances are, the colors of your tattoo might fade faster. So moisturize your skin with a mild lotion every day to keep your colors bold and vibrant.

If you really love your tattoo, you wouldn’t mind doing these tips. After all, how well you treat your skin will determine how long your tattoo will keep its sheen!

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